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COVID-19 Updates

Our ACA family's health and wellbeing is important to us which is why we are staying up to date on information and recommendations from FDOE, OCPS, CDC, and Orange County Health Department. We are also currently pursuing Care Act grants to assist with transitional needs in order to provide the best possible services for health, safety, and education as possible. 

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  • Students, staff, and/or guests will not be permitted on campus if experiencing symptoms of illness or illness. 

  • We will be taking students' temperatures at drop off. (A revised drop-off plan has been created to accommodate the changes.)

  • Masks & gloves are permissible but not required for students/staff/guests. (Families must provide your own). 

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in every room.

  • Increased cleaning and sanitation will be implemented, referencing recommendations from the CDC and the Florida Department of Health.

  • Grades K-5: ACA will forego the team-teaching model highly valued by ACA in an effort to limit exposure. 

  • Grades 6-12: Class rotations will be minimal with teachers transitioning from room to room rather than students. *High school students may have room changes due to classes being based on necessary credits for graduation instead of grade level (as minimal as possible). 

  • Grades K-12: Elective classes will be scheduled with sufficient time between classes to allow for appropriate sanitation.

  • Parents may order lunches directly through our caterer (https://schooleatery.com) to be delivered to the school for student(s). In order to eliminate unnecessary exposure, no other deliveries will be permitted.

  • Having an Emergency Management Plan for identified cases.

  • We will be using a Text Alert System for urgent communications to school families as a whole or in large groups. 

  • We are proactively preparing staff, platforms, and procedures should there be the need to switch to a distance learning program. 


For all questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office at (407) 949-7997.