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Pre-Packed Fullmate Platform Bed With Drawer

The Prepack Fullmate bed has 6 drawers designed and built to be expandable. The storage capacity of the bedroom without allocating additional storage space. The space under the bed is effectively used as a storage space. The storage section is equipped with 6 drawers 18 inch deep, not only can store essential items in the bedroom but also unseasonal clothes safely and securely.

Save space and storage

This is a space-saving floor bed, ideal for use in small living spaces such as a studio apartment. Being the perfect sleeping surface for you, and the under-bed storage space that can store a variety of items, it has two functions. The storage area allows you to safely store items rolling around in your bedroom, creating a tidy bedroom. The base bed doesn’t require any traditional mattress or box springs.


The bed is very stylish and is the center of attraction in the bedroom. The bed is full of necessary accessories to help you use it very easily and conveniently. Solid wood drawers have metal tracks and they slide back and forth very easily. A safety device is attached to prevent the drawer from falling. The bottom of the drawer has a pull finger to help you easily open the drawer. All base beds are finished with a very durable dark black laminate. The dimensions of the inner compartment are 21.5 W x 5 H x 18 D inches.


The platform is made by laminating a CARB certified composite material. Made in North America, it has a high quality structure. The bed can hold a full-size mattress and eight vertically arranged wooden slats for perfect weight distribution. The sliders provide the support needed for both the bed and the mattress. The mattress is firmly and firmly fixed, not sagging, slipping or swaying.


The bed is stylish and has a black laminate.

This bed is made of CASRB compliant wood.

The bunk bed has 6 drawers that are 18 inches deep.

Eight bars are arranged vertically on the bed to evenly distribute weight.

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